Your past can only haunt you…if you let it.


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“It progresses to a brilliant and a more than thrilling climax. From all the movies made on voodoo practices, this one tops the list.”

– Yaabot,

“There’s actually quite a bit more going on here than you might expect, and the end result is a surprisingly strong mix of horror and drama that does quite well. There will be some noteworthy twists here, well worth trying out, and this is one horror movie that’s going to actually put a challenge or two to the viewer.”

“Dark, creepy, and occasionally exciting: that’s the combination of factors going into “Voodoo Possession,” a brisk horror romp that will take some of its viewers by surprise. It’s got a lot going for it, and the end result will do pretty well indeed.”

– Technology Tell,

“This horror film is really more about a fucked up family than about voodoo, with elements of sexual abuse, murder, dissecting corpses, alcohol abuse and of course suicide. And in that way it’s quite a bit different from other horror films….Consider it a midnight movie, to watch with a bucket of popcorn, some friends and quite a bit of alcohol.”

– Wellington Daily News,

“I really enjoyed this movie and the twist in the movie on what is really going on is good. If you are a movie lover and love horror movies you will enjoy this. It will make you wonder what is real and what fantasy is. I had to cuddle close to my husband as I got scared watching this.”

– Missy’s Product Reviews,

Bottom line is, Voodoo Possession is a pretty cool journey into the dark world of voodoo…entertaining and a good old school style horror movie.

– Alien Bee,

“Overall, this film, by director Walter Boholst, is a solid voodoo horror which keeps us in a feeling of isolation from the outside world. Once the characters get to Haiti, they are swallowed up by the madness and evil around. The nice thing is that we are too.”


“This film managed to actually capture what voodoo really is about and how voodoo spirits tend to use a person’s shortcomings and fears and traumatic memories against them. It did a really good job presenting voodoo as something that is not completely separate from this world, something that is connected to this world. Just in a different realm of it. To me that is scarier than if they did just freaky Grudge-like images.

This is just a great film all the way around. I highly recommend it. I think if you give a chance, particularly if you’re into spiritual horror, this one is gonna blow you away and I really really recommend it. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is the best voodoo film since Serpent and the Rainbow. Really really you should check this one out. One that I will watch again and again.”


“This film is worth watching as it definitely sucks the audience in.”
– Cryptic Rock,



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