Your past can only haunt you…if you let it.

Behind-the-Scenes interviews

Meet the writer/director

The director talks voodoo

Horror as drama/thriller

Kerry Knuppe on her character “Bree”

Kerry Knuppe on voodoo

Kerry talks director & crew

Kerry Knuppe Interview – Voodoo Possession Up & Coming Young Beautiful Talented Actress on Absolutesublime1

Costume Design part 1

Anna Lloyd-Jones on costume challenges

Costume design part 3- voodoo priest costumes

Abe Spigner as “Duane”

Abe Spigner on the complex plot

Tomas Boykin as Happy Man

Tomas Boykin mumbling skills

Ryan Caltagirone as “Aiden Chase”

Catherine Haena Kim as “Peanut”

Producer/Make-up FX Barney Burman

Producer talks teamwork and Trejo

Marie-Francoise Theodore as skeptical Haitian doctor

Marie-Francois, the director and the joys of getting stabbed.

Producer Mark Burman

Producer talks low-budget


David Thomas Jenkins as missing doctor

David talks his character, Cody Chase

Treva Etienne as voodoo priest

Production designer Kalie Acheson

Production design challenges

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