Your past can only haunt you…if you let it.




Rough Riders Studios and

Front Row Productions Present

A Walter Boholst Film

A Voodoo Possession

Starring Ryan Caltagirone

Kerry Knuppe

David Thomas Jenkins

Treva Etienne

Tomas Boykin

Nancy La Scala

And Danny Trejo

Casting By Natalie Avital

Music by Pez Wilson

Special Make-up FX Design By Barney Burman

Costume Design by Anna Lloyd-Jones

Production Design By Kalie Acheson

Edited By Mike Cooley

Director of Photography Matthias Schubert

Associate Produced by Mark Linthicum Greta Ruljevate

Executive Produced by David Hillary Tina Pavlides

Produced By Barney Burman Walter Boholst

Produced By Mark Burman Doug Wroan

Written and Directed By Walter Boholst

END CREDITS (click on image to enlarge)

Main and end credits (FINAL)2

Main and end credits (FINAL)3Main and end credits (FINAL)4Main and end credits (FINAL)5Main and end credits (FINAL)6

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