Your past can only haunt you…if you let it.

Explore Voodoo

Here are some helpful links where you can learn more about the world of voodoo.



* “How Voodoo Works” an intro article to voodoo

* Haitian Vodou Wikipedia entry

* Info about voodoo spirits(loas), photos and their symbols.

* Museum exhibit on vodou

* Secret voodoo sorceror societies- Since Cody Chase has gone missing it’s rumored that secret societies are linked to his disappearance.

* Page about Kalfu, one of the spirits featured in the movie- Kalfu is the dark spirit of the crossroads and plays an integral part in the movie as the characters confront the different spirit worlds.

* L’inglesou- An integral spirit with great influence over the journey our characters take in Voodoo Possession.

Linglesou-is a Magician/Sorcerer. He executes judgement on those who have gone back on their word or who have harmed one of the faithful. He travels via the air and is found in places when people gather to deal in activities that involve greed and excess. He likes sharp objects knives scissors and especially razor blades, as well as barbed wire- all things that tear the flesh. He has a great appetite and a hunger that is satisfied by blood when it is warm. In the Hoodoo tradition the term *Bucket of Blood* relates to rough bars where fights happen on a regular basis and blood is spilled. This is the type of place that Linglesou likes to frequent in order to eat.

L'inglesou drawing




* National Geographic’s Taboo: Voodoo- This is a fantastic 50 minute documentary on voodoo.

*Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti- This is a black and white documentary from 1945 showing voodoo ceremonies.

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