Your past can only haunt you…if you let it.


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A-Voodoo-PossessionForeign poster courtesy of Red Sea Media


voodoo-possession U.S. Poster courtesy of Image Entertainment


IMG_9503 David Thomas Jenkins as Cody Chase. Credit: Erin Stone


IMG_9832 Tomas Boykin as Happy Man in his room. Credit: Erin Stone


IMG_9941 Hospital administrator Kross (Danny Trejo) confronts disturbed patient Happy Man (Tomas Boykin) Credit: Erin Stone


IMG_0034 Happy Man (Tomas Boykin) in voodoo make up. Credit: Erin Stone


IMG_9984 Happy Man (Tomas Boykin) in voodoo make up. Credit: Erin Stone


IMG_9538 Kross (Danny Trejo) discovers voodoo symbols painted on a patient’s walls. Credit: Erin Stone


IMG_1307 Aiden Chase (Ryan Caltagirone) confronts his darkest fears. Credit: Erin Stone Bree Nelson (Kerry Knuppe) confronts Aiden Chase (Ryan Caltagirone) about his missing brother. Credit: RR Media LLC Bree Nelson played by Kerry Knuppe. Credit: RR Media LLC Aiden Chase (Ryan Caltagirone) hears something he wish he didn’t. Credit: RR Media LLC Cameraman Duane Dubois (Abe Spigner) and associate TV producer Penelope “Peanut” Garcia (Catherine Haena Kim) explore the asylum. Credit: RR Media LLC Bree Nelson (Kerry Knuppe) hears sounds in the patient hallways. Credit: RR Media LLC


4 Helen Chase (Nancy La Scala) experiences a waking nightmare at the hands of The Tormentor. Credit: RR Media LLC


IMG_0539 Voodoo priest Jean Drouillard (Treva Etienne) performs a voodoo ceremony. Credit: Erin Stone


WBDannyIMG_9551 Danny Trejo and writer/director Walter Boholst discuss the scene in Happy Man’s room. Credit: Erin Stone


WBIMG_0344 Writer/Director Walter Boholst discusses details of a climactic action scene with Kerry Knuppe. Credit: Erin Stone

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